Bruno’s goals helped Portugal advance to the next round

Bruno’s goals helped Portugal advance to the next round

In group (H), Portugal has advanced to the next round after beating Uruguay with two goals from Bruno. In the first half, the game of both teams was boring without encouraging.

In the second half, Portugal played with bombardment and pressure and scored goals.

Uruguay was unable to penetrate the Portuguese defense due to the lack of connection between the midfield and the attack.

In the 54th minute of the match, Bruno was able to get the lead for Portugal with a free kick from the top of the area.

After conceding the lead goal, the Uruguayan side started to attack, Messi Gormez’s free kick was good, but the goalkeeper was able to save it, so he was satisfied with a corner kick.

At the end of normal play, in the 3rd minute of extra time, Bruno was able to score the second leading goal through a penalty.

Even if Portugal loses to South Korea in the last match of the group, there is a chance that they will be able to advance to the next round as group leaders.

If they were to go to the next stage with the top of the group, group (G) would be Switzerland, Cameroon Serbia (3) must meet one of the teams.

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