Morocco, who defeated Belgium with second-half goals, was able to advance to the next round

Morocco, who defeated Belgium with second-half goals, was able to advance to the next round

In Group (F)’s opening match between Belgium and Morocco, Morocco won 2-0 against Belgium. The Belgian side came out with a 4-2-3-1 game, and kept Biru Wari in the attack. Eden Hazard Thawgan Hazard It is provided together with this brie.

In the middle of the field, Onana and Wissel came out, and in the back line, Muniya, Anderville, We used Verton Gun and Casting Gum. The Moroccan side played hockey on a 4-3-3 field. Zeyas Bob removed Amma They came out with a full set of key players like Ammar Rabat.

Belgium, who defeated Canada in the opening match, would have been able to advance to the next round only if they won this match, but they failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

At the beginning of the match, the game was a bit cold as both teams were waiting for each other’s mistakes. Belgium was not able to show good form in today’s match, and there was a lack of understanding in connecting each player.

As for the Moroccan side, they held the ball as they got it, made regular compromises and were able to trouble Belgium whenever they got the chance. In the first half, there was only the excitement of Biru Wari’s kick and Kortoric’s scale, and only because of the uncertainty of the end of each side, no goals were scored.

At the end of the first half, in the 2nd minute of overtime, Ziyat scored the lead for Morocco through a free kick, but the VAR re-checked it and it was disallowed because Romainsais was offside.

In the second half, Belgium’s game didn’t improve and Morocco didn’t play hard, so the game was quite boring. At around the 50th minute of the match, Hazard’s long shot was good, but Morocco’s goalkeeper was able to save it.

After that, both sides made substitutions and tried to speed up the game. In the 73rd minute of the game, Morocco started to take the lead, and Shaburi directly kicked the free kick that was received at the corner of the corner.

After conceding the lead, Belgium attacked with all their might, but they were unable to penetrate the defense of Morocco, who were at the highest level of confidence.

At the end of the regular game, in the 2nd minute of extra time, Abon Khel scored the second goal to ensure the victory for Morocco from Ziyez’s close pass.

Morocco, who won today’s game, has 4 points after two games, so they will be able to advance to the next round if they get a draw against Canada in the last group game.

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