Barcelona will sell everything that can be sold next summer

Barcelona will sell everything that can be sold next summer

Barcelona is likely to continue to face a financial crisis next summer, and La Liga president Javier Tebas has warned about this.

At the moment, Barcelona’s debt amount is up to 656 million euros, and it has to be reduced to less than 500 million euros.

Barcelona faced a similar crisis last summer, having to sell off some of the club’s copyrights.

As for Barcelona, ​​Lewandowski Rafinha They recruited players like Conday, but they had to work really hard to get official registration as team players, and Conday had to miss some of the team’s matches.

Regarding Barcelona’s position next summer, La Liga president Javier Tebas said, “If Barcelona leave the Champions League, their income may be lower. But on the other hand, there is no need to pay extra for them.

So, the matter has not changed much. But the business levers they’ve made this season are only for this season.”

“Not for next season. They will have to reduce the salary rates again. They cannot continue with debts of more than 500 million euros. If not like this, they will have to face the one-to-four rule again next season,” he said.

Due to this news, in the coming season, Barcelona’s veteran players such as Pike, Alba It is likely to prepare to give up bus tickets.

Since last summer, Barcelona and Pique We tried to clear Alba and the two from the team, but both of these players wanted to stay in Barcelona, ​​so the team is likely to have a hard time next summer as well.