Mark Zuckerberg insults Apple’s iMessage

Mark Zuckerberg insults Apple’s iMessage

A Google chief reprimanded Apple’s iMessage back in January, and as of now Meta President Engraving Zuckerberg has criticized Apple’s iMessage.

In an Instagram post, Zuckerberg said, “WhatsApp is more secure and protects individual data than iMessage. WhatsApp integrates beginning to end encryption for all iPhone and Android contraptions, including bundle talks.

Furthermore, you can use Beginning to end Encoded Support and Evaporating Messages. Not those components are available in iMessage. “Made.

The photo in Zuckerberg’s post is a notification for Penn Station, an advancing exertion that began in January. The idea is to teach people in the US concerning the meaning of beginning to end encryption.

Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp, said that WhatsApp will endeavor to extend the amount of clients in the US and continue to create.